On Canada Day 2020

Canada is the best country in the world. And likely the only one I would ever want to live in.

It’s a flawed, strange, colonization fraught with systemic racism baked into every facet of government and society. A country founded on racism whose major institutions were founded to enact that racism. It’s a beacon of hope and multiculturalism, pluralism and progress. Under the celebrations of Canada, there needs to be an underlying desire for us to do even better.

When I look at the way the world is going, or has gone over the last 300 years, I would pick no other country than Canada. We are the best country and have an obligation to actually live up to that. We need to stamp out the intolerance that exists across the country, come together again, and build an even better country worthy of the way we think of ourselves.

I choose to celebrate Canada Day for the potential we have. I understand those, particularly who are Indigenous, who do not. Our collective response should never be to attack someone who thinks they cannot celebrate Canada but instead to ask how we can improve.

Happy Canada Day.

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